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Has ever somebody described what it takes to get into college? Except good grades and a butload of money? What kind of a person you have to be to become successful in college, to thrive a higher purpose and become a wonderful person in life? When are you actually college material. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

The will to improve
In my opinion, the biggest talent/skill/trait you have to have is the will to keep improving. You are going to have to do a lot the upcoming 4 years, and if you fail, you need to do better next time. This doesn’t take simply ‘working a lot harder’, but improving. Becoming better at what you do. Learning from your mistakes. Studying the way you are studying and improving the way you are studying. If you cannot get any friends, is that because of them? Or is it you? Is it the way you behave? Study it, why aren’t you getting any friends? And improve that part of yourself. When you don’t like to share anything, people won’t like you, so learn how to share. Improve, improve, improve.

Social skills
To keep the train on having friends going, social skills are important, big time. You need to be able to talk to people. You are in a place where working with your head is the normal deal of the day. This means thinking of ideas, but also to share them and discuss them. You will need a fair amount of social skills to proceed the career you want, the life you want. Not only for your network, but also for enjoying college life. Have fun, have friends, party, do stupid things. Social skills are important for the definition of college material.

How important is how smart you are? Does that influence how successful you are going to become? Do you really need to be really smart to succeed in college? Maybe, but not necessarily. If you have the upper two points, you don’t need the brains. If you can improve yourself, you will learn how to study faster. If you have the social skills, you don’t have to invest a lot of time to make friends. You may need to study a little bit harder, but brains are not the bottle neck of enjoying college life. Some students choose to work more and take flexible class schedules at universities like South University.”

These three (so actually two) parts are defining whether you are college material or not. Because college is about having fun with friends and succeeding academically. Are you college material?

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