This post is for your parents, so: Hi readers’ mom and dad! How are you? Christmas is coming up, exciting right? But do you have any idea already on what to give to your son/daughter?

For him:

  • This great table. It is exactly long enough to put all your study books on it! And the pingpong balls? They are for stress relieve, obviously. (Want to learn what Beer Pong is? Here is: The Book of Beer Pong)
  • Socks. Always on my list, you can never have enough socks! Don’t make a big expedition to find the perfect socks, they only thing what matters is the right size. Preferred black socks and lots of them, so you don’t have to sort them out after you washed them!

For her:

  • The Twilight Saga Collection. This gift doesn’t require explanation right? Does your daughter only have 2 of the books? Don’t start looking for the other two if you can buy the complete set at once!

For him/her:

  • Todoodlist, the book. There is a new semester coming up and your son/daughter wants to create more order in their head. This is the perfect book, your sprout will find out how to get everything on paper and he/she doesn’t need an iPhone for this! (PDF only) Here is a review about the funny little book!
  • Zen to Done, the book. This book is my new year’s resolution. Applying the 10 habits for a more efficient life. Perfect for students, because you can’t start early enough! (PDF or hord copy!)
  • Learn more, study less. New semester is coming up, this means more studying! Or less? Find out with this book.
  • Amazons Kindle. To read pdf files anywhere, anytime. You’ve probably heard your son/daughter about this super cool e-reader before. See also: Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble’s eReader.
  • Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black). Shoot vids everywhere. You can keep this thing in your pocket!



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