“I won’t let you stop me from causing mayhem”

Ever felt the urge to do something you really want to do? Ever felt something pulling on you, talking to you, forcing you do to something great, something awesome, something bigger than you? Ever felt a hunger to do the thing you HAVE to do, more than just ‘feeling like’, even more than ‘love to do’? Ever had a feeling of causing mayhem? Making the world shiver, changing like there has never been a change before? And then suddenly somebody who pulled the break?

Mayhem means something like havoc. Causing a big destruction. Of course, not in this case. I mean mayhem as in: causing something BIG. I use this word as Eminem is using this word in Not afraid.

Cause mayhem

What (or who) is stopping you from causing mayhem?
A lot of people with big plans have a feeling that there is always a force who is doing everything to stop them. Whether it is your supervisor of the project you are doing or the government who makes an action legally impossible, there is always something. But if you look really close, if you look deep inside, who is stopping you? Who is that force, really? Let’s face it. It’s you.

In the latest Eminem song Not afraid Eminem sings: ‘I’m not letting you stop me from causin’ mayhem’, who is that pointed at? If you scream that very sentence, who is the one who should give an answer to that call? It will be you.

‘I’m breaking out of this cage, I’m standing up, Imma face my demons, I’m man enough, Imma hold my ground.’

The cage is whatever your believes are. You limit your thoughts with assumptions which are never proved to be true. When you have big plans, there are always sentences coming up, like ‘but I can’t speak French’ or ‘I will never be able to reach that person’. Break out of the cage, get rid of your believes, and feel welcome in the world of unlimited possibilities.

The demons are everybody who are putting assumptions in your head. These people are called critics by Chris Guillebeau in his ebook ‘A brief guide to World Domination‘. These people are doing everything to stop you, they will talk your big plans out of your head and never stimulate awesome things, just because they are stuck in their own cage and they don’t want somebody to break them out of their cage, because it is save there. Face them, look those demons in the eyes and see why you shouldn’t listen to them, why you should never be prevented of doing the things you love, that you feel like doing.

In real life this means something unconvential. You first have to get rid of your believes (your cage). For instance: You want to live a year in France. Your believes would be something like: ‘I can’t speak French, so I can’t live in France.’ Not true. There are enough people who are talking English in France and you can learn (basic) French pretty quick, especially when you read the Language Hacking Guide by Benny Lewis. ┬áSecond, you have to face the critics (the demons). For instance, there will be someone who says: ‘You can’t live in France, because they have a complete different mentality over there’. Not true. You can adapt, you can have another mentality yourself! Or someone will say: You will miss the people at home too much, you will never make it a year abroad’. Also, not true. You probably can do without the people at home. This sounds rude, but you probably can. And if it does, will that stop you from making your dream come true? You can skype, you can visit, they can visit.

Be man enough. Be brave enough. Hold your ground. Cherish the feeling of causing mayhem, cherish that hunger and do everything to make the dream you are having come true. Break out of the cage called limits and face the demons called critics. Do what you have to do and don’t back down. Let nobody stop you from causin’ mayhem. Good luck.



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