Time Trades [VIDEO]

For a while now I’ve been struggling with productivity, effectiveness and making use of your time, all the time. Being as productive as possible all the time and becoming better and better. What we probably all want when you are looking at a blog with this title.

And to be honest, we cannot be productive […]

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Perfection – Cleaning a door [VIDEO]

When I was cleaning a door in a hospital (as my holiday side job) a couple of weeks ago. I came across some interesting thoughts. On the way home, in the car (yes in the car), I shot a little video. Check it out. Let me know what you think!

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DIY: The Cork Laptop Stand

With my new Flip Video I want to make more videos. This includes Do It Yourself videos on how to make easy things which would cost you a lot when you bought it in an actual store. This will be the first video.
Having a laptop stand can really increase your notebook-experience. For one thing, […]

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Personal Experimenting: Stop complaining

Last week I came home and there was a box for me with 10 purple bracelets in it. That was the day I started a challenge.
Becoming complaint-free!
Those bracelets are from AComplaintFreeWorld.org, an organization which tries to get rid of all the complaining in the world. The idea is you wear a bracelet and everytime […]

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This is me (Stefan Knapen) talking to you

Time to get personal. I’ve bought a FlipVideo MinoHD and I am going to use it. I am going to shoot more videos and upload them to YouTube.

So, this is my face, this is my voice, let me know your face and voice, because I want to connect! Send out an email to me […]

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