How to read 40 more books in your life [VIDEO]

Hey you guys, I am going to try a new thing, I am going to try to do a video. Yes, you are going to see and hear me, pretty exciting, especially for me!

I add it here in the post, I filmed it with my webcam on my laptop, so I hope the quality […]

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Writer’s block

You woke up in the morning
It was six o’ clock
Time ran forward
But your pulse had stopped.
You suffered from blurry vision
There was fear in your heart
Your chest was pounding
You could not make a start.
With great hope in your eyes
You picked up your pen
Thinking about how Stefan
Would receive you in the end.
Finally, you put pen to […]

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Experience of beauty

Have you ever experienced beauty?
Did you wake up, at the crack of dawn,
With a song on your lips?
Have you ever felt the warm
Glow of the sun on your finger-tips?
Did you run like crazy
Through the woods
Searching for a single daisy?
Have you ever experienced the enchantment
That comes from a re-enactment
Of your life lived a long time […]

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HP Back to school Giveaway!

August 15! The day of the awesome giveaway! From now till august 19 you can win an amazing laptop bundle here on StudySuccessful.com! You probably have already heard about the program StudySuccessful is participating in, the Back to School: Better Together program! I can tell you a lot more about it, but that is […]

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HP Bundle first impression plus coupon!

Well, my HP bundle and TimBuk2 Backpack arrived. I decided to make a post just about the first impression. I gave myself only 10 minutes with each machine (the HP dv6 and the HP Mini 110) after I have set everything up. This means I only have ten minutes to decide what I think […]

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High school is over!

I’m done! Had my last exam today, math.

It went well, I think I’m passed with good grades!

So, that story is over, next year I will join University. I will start studying Medicine next year, and I think it will be a great year! The University is a place where I can learn a lot […]

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