1,5 hours left for the best Personal Development deal online

Quick reminder – you don’t want to miss this!

Only 2 hours left for probably the best Personal Development Deal you can get on the internet.

Adam Baker (from ManvsDebt.com) has organised with 23 of the biggest personal development bloggers out there to create a one-time (so only 72 hours) deal for the best personal development products […]

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[17 hours left] Best Personal Development Deal Possible

Quick post! As you know I don’t like to offer things in my blog posts, but this is definitly an offer you can’t refuse..

Only 17 hours left for probably the best Personal Development Deal you can get on the internet. Why I’m only letting you know this now? Because me as well only heard […]

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How To Set A Goal: Keep Them Vague

A short post today, basically because there isn’t much more to say about it!

When you are setting goals, people tell you they should be clear. A clear goal makes your path clear towards the goal. A clear goal is everything. If you want to build a house, visualize it, draw it, make a list […]

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How to start a conversation

When you look at the biggest fears of the human race ‘speaking in front of an audience’ is the biggest fear in Americans according a study with 3000 participants from the Sunday Times. Why is that? Why are we so afraid of speaking in front of more than 3 people. I want to make […]

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4 helpful study skills for online students

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This is a guest post from Dee Barizo. He writes for TheBestDegrees.org, a site that features the best online degrees.

Online college can be a difficult environment to transition to if you are used to on-campus courses. Without the face-to-face interaction and set class schedule times, online learning can feel very different from […]

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Merry Christmas (and a new lay-out)!

Merry Christmas all! This is the first Christmas that StudySuccessful.com sees, let’s hope there will be many many more! There is still a little bit of snow in the Netherlands, so we are actually having a white Christmas. Hope you are as lucky as I am.

You’ve probably seen the new lay-out already, if not, […]

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