Being Strict and Allowing Mistakes – Keep Growing

“Thank you for explaining your Weekly Review system, how consistent are you with putting this into practice?”
That was the exact question of a student recently in a workshop. I explained how I used my system to combat information overload and how I stay on top of my long and short term goals. In this […]

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Time for College! Now What?

Many graduates refer to their time in college the best time of their lives. There are, however, certain steps future students must take to ensure that they are ready. Here are a few things to keep in mind before classes start:
What major? 
Choosing a major is an important consideration. Finding something you love to do […]

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Finding Your Career Path

Whether you are preparing for college or you are in your first year and you are floundering, you’ll find that you need to look to the future. While going to college is an important life experience, it is also a means to an end, and if you are invested in making sure that your […]

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SSF Podcast episode 2: Motivation!

Motivation. It all starts with motivation right? And when you don’t have motivation you simply don’t have it, right? Or not? Is there a way to stay perpetually motivated? In session number 2 of the StudySuccessful podcast I try to answer these questions by explaining my top productivity/motivation system!


Items mentioned in this episode

Nine Ways […]

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Overcoming Distractions: My Sure-Fire Way To Be Concentrated All Day

In January 2011 I bought an iPhone 4. A device which I am really happy with. Only one problem. It is a big (BIG) distraction. Since I have the phone, I am constant checking my email/twitter/facebook. And this is causing problems, especially with studying for a test. Luckily I’ve come accross a solution, a […]

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5 tips for maximizing your time spent abroad

This is a guest post by Katheryn, if you would like to send in a guest post as well, please visit the contact page!

An increasingly popular option for students around the world, particularly in Europe and the United States, is to study or work abroad for six months to a year in a different […]

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