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Free report: How to build a blog as a student

Have you ever wanted your own website? Ever thought about owning the #1 spot when you Google yourself? Good. Because I’ve been working on a (free!) report on how to build your blog – as a student.

Students should think about their future and take the internet serious when they are exploring their career possibilities. […]

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11 Books That Will Teach You How to Manage Your Money

This is a guest post by David. Interested in Guest Posting? Visit the contact page!

In the stressful economic times, people are seeking ways to increase their income, save money, invest and build wealth. Many experts have used self help books to increase their income significantly. These books provide money management advice for individuals. To […]

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10 Freeware Programs to Make Every Student’s Life Easier

As any student will tell you, money is tight when you’re at college! So what’s a conscientious student to do when it comes to the tools of the trade? Are cash-strapped students expected to produce first class work on proprietary software at the expense of their already strained budget, or choose from a free, […]

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Self-Reflection as a Learning Tool

This is a guest post by Angelita, if you would like to guest post as well, contact me!

Many students do everything right: they work ahead on big projects, they take notes dutifully in class, they participate in class discussion, they meet with their professors, and they seek help from other students. If you’re one […]

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How to pay attention in class

Guest post by Genevieve who works in affiliation the online colleges at Westwood College. Also want to send in a guest post? Visit the contact page!

While I attended college, I often found that I would have a difficult time staying focused in class. Even if I it was my favorite topic or I had […]

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When is Study most Successful?

This is a guest post by Carrie. Would you also like to send in a guest post? Visit the contact page!

There are many ways to study, and each of us has our favorite method. They may work really well or to a certain extent, something you know only when you take your exam and […]

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