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Tips and tricks for studying and in-class

The Best Music for Writing, Reading, and Studying

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I know. Not everyone prefers listening to music while studying or reading or writing or creating art or whatever. But I think most of us can agree that it’s nice to […]

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Read It Later Guide: My Sure-Fire System To Read (And Share) Everything

To become the successful student we want to become and to become the best person we can every be there is a constant need for information. You need to be a sponge, you need the urge to suck up all the information you can get.

But how do you gather all that information? I’ve received […]

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5 Study Tips When You’re Low on Time

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Exams are the bane of a student’s existence; most of us don’t mind learning because it’s part of the college experience, but when it comes to cramming for tests and exams, we feel […]

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7 bodylanguage tips

Smiling and laughing a lot makes you appreciated by a lot of people, right? No. It shows that you want to please everybody. So yes, it does, but it also shows that you are weak. That you need other people their opinion in order to be someone really. In this post I will explain […]

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5 tips for adult learners

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If you thought school was hard the first time round, you learn that it’s harder when you go back after many years away from it. As an adult learner who’s taken on the […]

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How to act more instead of thinking

I am just going to say it, although I might jinx it: This is one of my better articles. Please read it, share it and comment on it! I’ll love you for doing so!

A lot of my articles fall under the category of ‘Observations’. A lot of my articles are about observations I make, […]

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