College Note-Taking tips to make studying easier

This is a guest post by Alicia from An interesting post, as it aren’t point I all agree with.

Studying for a test or exam is never the most fun of times. Take it from all of us here at – we much rather would have been spending time with our sorority sisters […]

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How to take quick notes

Having a hard time keeping up with what the prof is saying in a lecture? And after reading about the awesome Cornell Notes you probably want to write everything down. But you cannot keep up, so you cannot write anything down and you cannot learn anything from that lecture! Stress stress stress.

There must be […]

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What is wrong with your on campus ICT department?

I have the opportunity to give a workshop ‘how a student works smarter (as in lifehacking)’ to the IT department from my university. That makes me wondering: What do you miss at the university computers/software?

Some examples from my side. What bothers me:

No RSS in Blackboard. What about that? I have to go to blackboard […]

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6 reasons to skip a lecture

Everybody knows that you can learn a lot from a lecture. At least, that is what the teachers want you to believe. Attend every lecture, just keep listening and you won’t have to study anymore. A bunch of bullshit, according to me. According to me, there are 3 factors which makes it worth to […]

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8 tips to make a multiple choice test

This is a guest post by Bianca from Study-Up, a blog about studying (in Dutch!). Bianca is an educator who teaches high school students.

Everybody has had that moment were they have to make a multiple choice test and all you can do was guess. The beauty of a multiple choice test is that guessing […]

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How to take good notes in class: Cornell Notes

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B001AFJPZK” alt=”TOPS Docket Gold Planning Pad, Wide Rule, 8.5 x 11.75 Inches, White, 40-Sheet Pads (4 Pads per Pack) (77102)” src=”” align=”right” width=”120″ height=”160″] One of the essentials to get a good grade on your test is having good notes to review. But that sounds easier than it is. You can write down a […]

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