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Speedlearning: How Travis’ Girlfriend Learned 64 Words in 90 Minutes

This is a guest post by Travis Webster-Booth, if you are interested in doing a guest post as well, visit the contact page!

My girlfriend Carolyn, for all her intelligence, isn’t a word geek. Unlike me, she doesn’t spend her free time memorizing new vocabulary words for fun. She’d rather be painting, playing the […]

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3 Important Factors In Taking Tests: Create Awesome Test-Taking Skills

This is a guest post by Ryan from, if you would like to contribute a guest post as well, please visit the contact page.

Is outstanding exam-preparation enough to ensure great grades on tests? Sadly, this is not the case. For students who spend countless hours studying yet continue to receive sub-par test scores, […]

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Free report: How to build a blog as a student

Have you ever wanted your own website? Ever thought about owning the #1 spot when you Google yourself? Good. Because I’ve been working on a (free!) report on how to build your blog – as a student.

Students should think about their future and take the internet serious when they are exploring their career possibilities. […]

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Language Hacking Guide

I haven’t done many reviews on this blog. That has a reason, I only want to do reviews on products I stand behind. And this one is.

I would like to introduce Benny Lewis, Benny is the author of, a site about learning new languages. Benny currently speaks 8(!) languages. That is why he calls […]

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Prioritization and damage control during midterm mayhem

This is a guest post by Stanley Lee. He teaches you how to apply the Sovereign Zen philosophy in your college life and beyond, including workflow, personal management, life-hacking, etc.

If you’re in a demanding college major such as engineering and pharmaceutical sciences (the same goes for double-majors), you probably ran into deadline hardship […]

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Scheduling your academic hours

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A reader asked me in an email: “How much time should I plan as free time? Should I plan that time in big chuncks of time or better distributed?”

My answer was pretty simple. Don’t plan your free time, plan your working hours.
Plan working hours in stead of free time
In stead of planning […]

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