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My Three Words for 2014

Of course, 2014 has already started, but I don’t think I’m too late for defining and publishing my three words for 2014.

This exercise is something I picked up from a Dutch friend, who learned of it from Chris Brogan.

The exercise is not very simple and requires some deep thought beforehand, something I did during […]

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7 Minute Workout – The Workout for the Busy Student

With a busy student life one of the things which you can easily forget is working out every once in a while. A schedule with classes during the day and extracurricular activities in the evening doesn’t have much space for gym sessions, football practise or swimming a mile or two.

Even though we understand how […]

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Build your own Personal Website – Free Guide UPDATED!

The last two years I had a simple PDF file online, it was called ‘How to build a Blog as a Student.’ It was a guide on building your own website, with screenshots explaining the several steps.

It was a pretty neat guide, even though I am biased. It was simple, it was complete and […]

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Four Weeks with a Kindle – Thoughts and Recommendations to You

I love to read. At least, I did love to read. But somehow, the last couple of years I fell asleep watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, rewatching Friends or playing the new episode of Diggnation.

Anyway, I did anything but read. And back in my childhood, I read for hours […]

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SSF Podcast episode 1: Introduction

After a little time of radio silence I’m back. And with a suprise! I have released my first podcast! And you can find the first episode of the podcast below. Not sure how these things work right now, so I have to figure everything out.


In the first episode of the StudySuccessful Podcast I will […]

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Thinking Sessions: Improve your thoughts and ideas with just 30 minutes a week

Who watched the Superbowl 2011? And who watched the commercials? If so, you’ve seen the Chrysler commercial for sure. If you haven’t, do it. This commercial, these 2 minutes, PURE GENIUS. A 2 minute tribute to the Motor City: Detroit, Michigan. Together with Eminem, church singers and a beautiful car this commercial have been […]

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