Merry Christmas – A Christmas letter from Stefan

Dear readers,

With 2010 being almost at the end, it is time for some reflection. If there is one mantra for StudySuccessful, it probably will something be like ‘Evaluate and Improve Yourself’. So let’s do that a little in this Christmas letter from me, Stefan Knapen, author of StudySuccessful.com to you, the reader of this […]

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DIY: The Cork Laptop Stand

With my new Flip Video I want to make more videos. This includes Do It Yourself videos on how to make easy things which would cost you a lot when you bought it in an actual store. This will be the first video.
Having a laptop stand can really increase your notebook-experience. For one thing, […]

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Your questions answered – Free consultation sessions

Everybody faces fears and frustrations in college. Whether it is a fear for the upcoming final or a frustration of the mark you got back which was totally uncalled for! There are always frustrations about college and frustrations are solvable.

And that is what I want to do. I want to help you conquering and […]

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Listen to the voice inside

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Have you ever watched ‘Field of dreams’? This movie is a lot discussed in How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson is a big fan of it. If you have, great job, you will understand the upcoming post way better. If you haven’t, read on anyway, I’ll try to explain.

The voice inside
Ray […]

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How to successfully approach women

This is a guest post by Lauren, also want to send in a guest post? Visit the contact page!

Whenever I go to a bar or other social gathering place in which it is typical to be approached by┬ámen, I am aghast at how terrible some guys are at hitting on girls. Freud and just […]

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Have you seen these college blogs?

It’s friday! So time for a couple of quick links. You have probably a couple of college sites in your Google Reader already (if you haven’t check my post on 5 great college blogs), but have you seen these college blogs before? Relatively new, but making their way to the top soon. Click them, […]

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