7 great Nike motivational commercials

Niels Gouman stated in my ebook Nine ways to get motivated for college that watching a video can be a great way to get motivated. He posted one youtube clip with it, which is simply fantastic. I’ve found 6 others. Watch them and get to work. Just do it!

Warhawk Matt Scott: ‘No excuses’

Take it […]

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14 tips to get motivated (from the ebook!)

As I’ve mentioned in the post about guilt, I wanted your way to get motivated in my ebook! Well, I have gathered a lot of tips, which are included in the ebook ‘Nine ways to get motivated for college’ which you can download for free! Here are the tips so far!

Alex: @VraagAlex: Focus on […]

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Is guilt a good motivator? (Plus awesome anouncement)

When you need to finish a paper, but you don’t do it, you are procrastinating. With this procrastination you build up a guilty feeling. ‘Shit, I didn’t work on my paper, I need to finish it right now, because I wasted a lot of time, I feel so guilty.’ This seems like a good […]

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The Power of the shower

Where do you get all your good ideas? And where do you lose them? If you are the same as me, in the shower. Not always though. I shower in the morning most of the times, right after I wake up. So I’m not wake enough to think. But when I’m awake for 20/30 […]

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Why rewards suck: A guide to intrinsic motivation

Where does motivation come from? Business's think you can motivate your employees with rewards, or punishments. The big CEO's get bonuses when they do their job well, and in that way, they get motivated to do their best. Is that true? I've covered motivation before, but I have something to add now.

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A toast your success!

I am going to try a new thing here. I am not going to try it alone. I have Archan with me. Archan wrote a poem. Not just a romantic poem, it’s a motivational poem. That is why I am going to post him here! Hope you like it.

‘Move Forward
Take it one step at […]

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