Kickstart Your Habits with Chains

We are just over a week into the new year! Still, I want to wish you the best for 2013, may all your dreams come true.

So, how are you doing on those resolutions? Nine days in, big chance of already having a screw-up or two.

Not me. My new years resolution? Making my bed every […]

Encouraging Yourself To Study When The Motivation Isn’t There

For many students, studying is a challenge not because they are incapable of grasping the material, or because they don’t know the correct study techniques, or because they can’t make the time. Rather, there is a simple explanation for why many students struggle to study effectively: procrastination.  Studying is first and foremost about taking the […]

Ace your midterms – Become an Olympic Champion

What if you are facing a final. What if you need to ACE the upcoming test. What if you need to make the upcoming test so amazingly good that you are scared of it. You need to make this test as good as you’ve never made a test before. Pretty scare right? You will […]

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Nothing (and I mean absolutely NOTHING) is impossible

What if everything was possible?

What if there were no limits? What if nobody would ever tell you again that you ‘can’t do something’. What if that just would be in the past? From now on everything is possible, there are just no limits.
‘You’ll be setting better goals if you view life as a dream. […]

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Let’s pretend you had no motivation

‘Pretend he procrastinated, had no motivation. Made up excuses so thin they would blow with the wind’ – Eminem
As you probably know, I like Eminem as a musician. The guy raps really agressively, but he also ‘spits’ great lines. This is one of them. Pretend you didn’t do what you have to do, what […]

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Successful Students Motivational Course is live!

Everybody who is following me on Twitter probably saw some strange tweets from me. I was working on a motivational course and every step was awesome! And now it is live.

Are you in the beginning of your academic year and you are still not motivated?
Are you in college right now but you can’t find […]

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