7 Minute Workout – The Workout for the Busy Student

With a busy student life one of the things which you can easily forget is working out every once in a while. A schedule with classes during the day and extracurricular activities in the evening doesn’t have much space for gym sessions, football practise or swimming a mile or two.

Even though we understand how […]

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Less Focus on Smartphone and More on Task and Life in General

The past six months I got interested in minimalism. I cleaned out my room at my parents’, I got rid of a lot of clutter in my student house and brought the number of possessions way down. I am not the kind of person to count all my items and bring the number under […]

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Kickstart Your Habits with Chains

We are just over a week into the new year! Still, I want to wish you the best for 2013, may all your dreams come true.

So, how are you doing on those resolutions? Nine days in, big chance of already having a screw-up or two.

Not me. My new years resolution? Making my bed every […]

Changing your Productivity System: a Bad Thing?

Working with students on productivity I always come across of simple questions like ‘which to-do app should I use’. If you’ve been paying attention to all of the 150+ articles written on this blog you will notice there are very little suggestions on this site on which productivity system you should use.

Why? Because I […]

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Why You Should Stop Feeling Nice

Every once in a while I get in a philosophical state of mind, today is such a day and I wrote some things down. Bear with me, next post will be more of a ‘quick tip’ again. For now some musings, thoughts or whatever you would like to call it.
Feeling Nice as a Feedback […]

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Powernapping – Rather Short than Long

Powernapping. One of my biggest interests and one of the biggest interests of the students I am helping to live a more successful college life. With a powernap you can easily turn a lazy afternoon into a productive one.

If you are interested in the subject, I have an elaborate article about it, called ‘The […]

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