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Taking Care of Yourself to Accomplish More

Going away to college can be the time of your life. You have the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and make lasting memories. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of a student can be an unhealthy one. Students often stay up late studying, do not take the time to exercise, and do not maintain […]

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Encouraging Yourself To Study When The Motivation Isn’t There

For many students, studying is a challenge not because they are incapable of grasping the material, or because they don’t know the correct study techniques, or because they can’t make the time. Rather, there is a simple explanation for why many students struggle to study effectively: procrastination.  Studying is first and foremost about taking the […]

Four Weeks with a Kindle – Thoughts and Recommendations to You

I love to read. At least, I did love to read. But somehow, the last couple of years I fell asleep watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, rewatching Friends or playing the new episode of Diggnation.

Anyway, I did anything but read. And back in my childhood, I read for hours […]

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10 Tips to Save Money in 2012

This is a guest post by Scott.

In tough economic times, many people are looking at ways to save money. With rising inflation and the dollar having decreased buying power, it is more important than ever you make your money go as far as possible. In general terms, you would need $700 in 2011 to […]

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Order Your Thoughts with Mind Maps

This is a guest post by Jabe from MindMaple.

As a college student, my lack of organization skills was often an obstacle to my success. I am a creative thinker, but if I let my creativity run wild it can become as much a problem as it is a benefit. When generating ideas for an essay […]

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Earning a Passive Income with your Knowledge: Writing for InfoBarrel as a Student

As mentioned in the latest post I started with a new project to earn a residual income. This project is writing articles for a website which shows 75% of the time my Google Adsense ads.

I write for InfoBarrel, a revenue sharing website. The idea is really simple. There are two big ads on the […]

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