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Time Trades [VIDEO]

For a while now I’ve been struggling with productivity, effectiveness and making use of your time, all the time. Being as productive as possible all the time and becoming better and better. What we probably all want when you are looking at a blog with this title.

And to be honest, we cannot be productive […]

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Don’t Just Start, but Start

A typical characteristic of high-functioning students is to have a lot on their plate. They are in different clubs, they follow intense majors and they do demanding projects. Another characteristic of high-functioning students? Complete, blind, panic.
Spoiler alert: You will feel overwhelmed
When you take up multiple projects there will be times when you simply have to much on […]

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Being Strict and Allowing Mistakes – Keep Growing

“Thank you for explaining your Weekly Review system, how consistent are you with putting this into practice?”
That was the exact question of a student recently in a workshop. I explained how I used my system to combat information overload and how I stay on top of my long and short term goals. In this […]

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The Eisenhower Matrix – a Way to Set Priorities in a Too Demanding World

Every once in a while I cover a basic Time Management / Lifehacking concept, just for reference purposes and to keep my mind sharp. In this post, I discuss the Eisenhower Matrix, the way to set priorities in a too demanding world.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you try to build something while being in […]

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Mornings for Thinking Slow – Afternoons for Acting Fast

Currently I’m working full time as a PhD student at the psychiatry department. I arrive at work around 9-ish, grab a cup of coffee and go sit at my desk. I have a bunch of meetings during the week, I do patients interviews/tests and analyse data. Furthermore, planning-wise I am on my own. Not […]

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StudySuccessful Interviews Episode 2 – Douwe Hooijenga

In my life I talk with a lot of people, lot of friends of course, but I also meet a lot of new people. Most of these people have an interesting story to tell. A couple of those interesting stories are about how to live a successful college life. Their story resonates with the […]

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