Adobe Contest + Sweepstakes Microsite is Live!

As promised, I would share this link with you, the microsite of the Adobe. Adobe is organizing a challenge especially for students, called the ‘Imagination Challenge’.
Express yourself and win $10,000 in the Imagination Challenge
If you show the power and depth of your imagination using the Adobe CS 5.5 Student and Teacher edition software you […]

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DIY Stand-Up Desk (plus Adobe Giveaway Anouncement)

Recently I got the idea in my head that standing behind a desk is better than sitting.The idea came from an article of Gina Trapani (known as the founder of Lifehacker.com). There are a couple of benefits to it and it has my interest. But the thing for me was, am I going to […]

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Seeing your life in pictures: thoughts from ‘Forever Young’ of Bob Dylan

Lately I came across a book about Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan is one of my¬†favorite¬†artists out there, I’m actually listening to the guy right now as I am writing this article.

The book contains mostly pictures, not so much text. There is a lot to say about his life I recommend ” for this, but […]

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3 Important Factors In Taking Tests: Create Awesome Test-Taking Skills

This is a guest post by Ryan from PracticalPremed.com, if you would like to contribute a guest post as well, please visit the contact page.

Is outstanding exam-preparation enough to ensure great grades on tests? Sadly, this is not the case. For students who spend countless hours studying yet continue to receive sub-par test scores, […]

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Build a blog as a student: Case Study

After reading my report ‘How To Build A Blog As A Student’ lots of readers started their own blog, not only personal blogs, but also niche blogs (this blog is in the ‘college life’ niche)! Today I will share with you a case study, Ryan’s blog called ‘Practical Premed’.

Practical Premed is a blog filled […]

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Why do we want to be liked?

Everybody wants to be liked, why is that? Is it because we care about the relationships that much? Probably not, why would you want to have a good relationship with the guy next to you in the bus? You won’t ever see him again. Because we want to make the world a little bit […]

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