5 Things We Can Learn from Batman

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been attracted to the idea of superheroes and none more so than Batman. Not only was he obscenely wealthy in his real life, but as a superhero, he didn’t have an alien heritage, magic or mutant powers to rely on. Even in the face of superhuman villains, […]

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Earning Beer Money Online in College

Recently I came across the Subreddit /r/beermoney. A subreddit which explains to, mostly, college students how to earn a buck on the side to pay for your beer. After browsing it for a little bit, examining some of the websites I was stunned. People are really doing these things. I am really against this […]

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New StudySuccessful Design and a Note from Stefan

After two years I had enough of the Thesis Theme I was using. In some sort of way this theme looks old fashioned, cranky and just too full of everything. Time for a new design. This means also time for a new way – more minimalistic. A bigger focus on the content, rather than […]

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Four Weeks with a Kindle – Thoughts and Recommendations to You

I love to read. At least, I did love to read. But somehow, the last couple of years I fell asleep watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, rewatching Friends or playing the new episode of Diggnation.

Anyway, I did anything but read. And back in my childhood, I read for hours […]

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Earning a Passive Income with your Knowledge: Writing for InfoBarrel as a Student

As mentioned in the latest post I started with a new project to earn a residual income. This project is writing articles for a website which shows 75% of the time my Google Adsense ads.

I write for InfoBarrel, a revenue sharing website. The idea is really simple. There are two big ads on the […]

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Beating the Dorm Room Boarding Blues

College success starts with attitude. There is only one thing in life you have full control over: your attitude. Pay attention to your attitude and you will find that studying becomes easier and your grades will improve.

Towards the end of fall, when the weather starts to get darker and colder and college classes have […]

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