Kickstart Your Team Project with the McDonalds Theory

Group projects are part of everyday life for every college student. The groups can be big, the groups can be small, but the group projects will always be there.

With group projects comes group dynamics. An interesting aspect if you ask me. In the beginning everybody is a little shy, while at the end of […]

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Less Focus on Smartphone and More on Task and Life in General

The past six months I got interested in minimalism. I cleaned out my room at my parents’, I got rid of a lot of clutter in my student house and brought the number of possessions way down. I am not the kind of person to count all my items and bring the number under […]

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The Danger of All-Nighters

This is a guest post by Sam.

Pulling an all nighter happens to the best of us, various reasons can occur to cause it, such as forgetting that important test you have tomorrow, or if we were too busy socialising during the weekend to recognise the importance of the test until it’s almost too late. […]

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Learning Random Skills: Playing the Guitar

‘I’ll probably never learn to play any instrument’ – Me (yes the guy with the shameless self-shot picture with the guitar)

That would be the TL;DR (short summary) of probably every conversation I had in the past about playing an instrument. I never played one, I would never play one. Music just ‘wasn’t my thing’.

That […]

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Kickstart Your Habits with Chains

We are just over a week into the new year! Still, I want to wish you the best for 2013, may all your dreams come true.

So, how are you doing on those resolutions? Nine days in, big chance of already having a screw-up or two.

Not me. My new years resolution? Making my bed every […]

Changing your Productivity System: a Bad Thing?

Working with students on productivity I always come across of simple questions like ‘which to-do app should I use’. If you’ve been paying attention to all of the 150+ articles written on this blog you will notice there are very little suggestions on this site on which productivity system you should use.

Why? Because I […]

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