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Homework – A How to Guide

This is a guest post by Robbie.

It’s the night before your homework assignment is due. Honestly, work is the last thing you want to do right now. But you know it has to get done, so you sit down and just bang it out. It’s not pretty, but at least you get the points, […]

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The Danger of All-Nighters

This is a guest post by Sam.

Pulling an all nighter happens to the best of us, various reasons can occur to cause it, such as forgetting that important test you have tomorrow, or if we were too busy socialising during the weekend to recognise the importance of the test until it’s almost too late. […]

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Student Loan Debt – The Current Situation

This is a guest post by Sam.

The amount of student debt is climbing at a significant rate. It was announced by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that the figure crossed the earlier estimate made by New York of $1 trillion in the fourth quarter 2012, and the figure is to rise further according to experts.

All […]

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Four Energy-saving Tips for Savvy Students

Everything’s as you imagined: You just signed the lease on your new house or apartment at school and you’re all revved up to move in with your best buddies and future roommates. Cherish it – don’t let the honeymoon fade any quicker than it has to. But with that in mind, know that not […]

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5 Things College Students Don’t Know About Car Insurance

College students paying their own way – who are becoming more in number due to the country’s economic troubles – often struggle to pay their expenses. When it comes to things like rent, utilities, gas and groceries, the bills can pile up quickly. And then when you add in auto insurance payments, it seems […]

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5 Ways to Beat the Homesick Blues the First Year Away at College

The days are getting darker and darker and those like little gremlins flu and colds are wickedly starting to flourish. Moreover, this year the world seems to be on the precipice of eternal Armageddon. Add in, “I’m away from home, my classes are hard and I haven’t made any friends,” and anyone’s mood can […]

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