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Is Cramming Better Than No Studying at All?

It happens to all of us, no matter at what age or stage of life. We have not studied for  a test or exam for some or other reason and we try  and cram a few months or week’s worth of studying into one day, or even a couple of hours. Cramming is never […]

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How to Address and Talk about College Student Addiction

This is a guest post by Sam.

It’s easy for a college student to become swept up in drugs and alcohol. According to Addiction Answers, about 40 percent of college students report binge drinking. Addiction to illicit drugs jumps up around grade 12 to a whopping 44 percent. College students are sometimes known for abusing […]

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Six Reasons to Consider Art School over Mainstream Colleges

If you are an artist, chances are you have considered attending an art college for your post-secondary education. And, like a lot of students, you are faced with some tough decisions as to how you want to pursue your artistic and educational goals. Perhaps you have seen a lot of presentations extolling the virtues […]

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Student Degrees in Health Care

Working with people is one thing, but working to help them can be something exciting and fun on a level you never expected. The healthcare industry is booming, with a projected overall growth to exceed 3 million new jobs in the industry by 2020, according to the latest figures by the Bureau of Labor; going […]

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Standardized Testing Around the World

Every year students all over the world sit down to take a standardized test in some format to measure their knowledge and educational growth. And though millions of individuals participate in these exams, not everyone does it the same. There is curiosity as to how other countries prepare for their testing and what we […]

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