Keeping up with the competition in the market place these days can be hard. You go to career events, you know you have to network and your résumé needs to stand out.

But how?

My suggestion is simple. START YOUR OWN WEBSITE.


With one afternoon of work you can set up your website, for around 5$ a month. If you just take one evening, a little time you can set up a good looking, professional website.

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Advantages of owning your own website

Not sure yet? Let me give you three simple reasons for starting your own website.

Full Control of your Google Results

By owning your own website you will instantly gain a lot of access on the results people get when they Google your name. Google’s algorithm responds very well on the exact match in a domain name. Which means gets a lot of love from Google for the search phrase “Stefan Knapen.” By owning your own domain you get a lot of control over your search results.

No matter what your job will be, owning the first page of Google for your name can mean a lot. The most important thing? You are not the only one who can register your name as a domain name. By claiming your own name in a domain right now you prevent other people from doing so. You could see it as online protection of your brand.

Personal Social Hub

With a personal website you’ve created a ‘hub’. A place where people can find you and a place where you can link to from all your social media accounts. This hub is the place where you can tell everything about yourself, show who you are both on- and offline.

The hub would be the place where you can put a résumé (partially or complete) and where you can show off your portfolio.

Social Proof

With a personal website you can show off examples to possible employer’s or potential customers. If you incorporate a blog into your personal website you can show off thought processes, writing skills and how you are up to date with the latest trends in your field.

For instance, you can use the blog as a business student by talking about recent developments in the online world. You could write posts like “5 Take-Overs by Social Media Giants.” These type of posts have a high chance of being shared by your readers and could generate some buzz around your brand.

But HOW?

Don’t panic. In contrast to popular believe making a simple website is fairly easy. You need no knowledge of any code, or technical details. All you need is a basic idea of what your site is going to be.

Especially for you I’ve created a simple 24-paged eBook on ‘How to build a Personal Website.’ It includes a simple workbook with four assignments so you know can start immediately.

I’m going to lead you step by step through the process of creating your own website. Just let me know where I can send the eBook to and you will be ready to go!

So what will you get when you download this guide?

  • A Step by Step Guide. Starting at the process of getting a domain name and ending at your first published page!
  • Screenshots of every step. Technical talk can be hard to understand, I believe visual can help a lot here. The screenshots show clearly what to do and how.
  • The Workbook. I’ve created a simple workbook to make sure you are starting in the right way. A couple of simple assignments so you know what you are going into.
  • Discounts for HostGator. With a simple coupon code you can get the hosting and domain name for a lot cheaper!
  • YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE. Downloading this guide (and an evening of work) will result in your own, personal website. This gives you the opportunity to say to people: “Well, yeah.. I own my own website, Google me.” (Don’t do this, you will be a douchebag.)

Get the ebook now. Best of all. It’s free! Fill in your name and email address below and you can download the eBook!

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