Have you ever wanted your own website? Ever thought about owning the #1 spot when you Google yourself? Good. Because I’ve been working on a (free!) report on how to build your blog – as a student.

Students should think about their future and take the internet serious when they are exploring their career possibilities. When your future boss will Google you before an interview, what will he find? If you own your own blog (like I do with stefanknapen.com) he/she will find YOU in the first spot. This means you have control over how you look like online.

Besides this, having your own blog is a way to proliferate yourself. I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and it is one of the best things that has happened to me. Getting your thoughts out, on paper (or video) is a way you can explore yourself, as your thoughts. A blog is a place where you can get in contact with others, where others can share their thoughts on your thoughts! Great right. If you need more arguments, I’ve wrote a post once called ‘22 reasons to start a blog as a student‘, as it is one of the most popular posts, I highly recommend you to read it!

The best thing is, a blog isn’t a lot of work. In this guide I show you a way how you can start a blog within an evening, with almost no costs. The costs of a blog are around one cup coffee at Starbucks a month. Equals nothing. When you look at what you get in return, missing that cup of coffee a month is definitely worth it.

So if you want:

  • Control of your Google results
  • A go-to place for people who want to know something about you and
  • Proof in a form of a portfolio where you can show your expertise

check out the free report on how to start a blog as a student right now over here (http://bit.ly/htbabaas/), I hope you enjoy it. Good luck in getting online!

I am looking for cases! So if you are going to start, shoot me an email (author[at]studysuccessful[dot]com)!



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