I am really proud to anounce that my eBook, How To Build A Blog As A Student, is finished!

This eBook will be totally free of charge!


Building a blog has been a big chance for me to kickstart new projects, a great way to put myself on the map and in general a big learning experience and I want to give you the same opportunity. Starting a blog isn’t easy. What are you going to do: free or paid? How do you pick the right domain name? How are you going to take care of the design? All these steps are made easy and simple to understand in this eBook.

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Let’s hear what others have to say:

“Stefan and studysuccessful.com have been instrumental to the development of my own blog. His ebook on how to start a blog as a college student was extremely helpful in setting up and registering my domain name. Stefan helped me with a variety of things including branding, picking better article titles, and creating content. Studysuccessful is a wealth of information for tech-inclined college students like me, and Stefan is a super helpful guy himself.” – Ryan Nuygen from PracticalPremed.com

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