Early bird

Early bird


You never got time enough to do all the things you want to do, you get up at 7.30 AM and you go to bed at 12 PM, but there is a way to use your time better.

I like to call it ‘before the day’ because you work on things, before the day actually starts.

The Idea

In stead of getting up at 7.30 AM, you get up at 6.30 AM or even 7.00 AM. This means at least half an hour extra on your day. This half an hour you use for whatever you want to do. I recommend you do something active, when I get up early and read something I would fall right back asleep. Write a blog, go running or practise origami.

When you finished the half an hour, you are going to do exactly what you do normally, just go to college. The only difference is that you already done something that day. Which means you already feels satisfied.

But, that means less sleep right?

If you do it on this way, yes. But instead of going to bed at 12 PM, go to bed at 11 PM. You may think you are a nightowl, but you only think that because you like to stay up late. Go put this in practise and feel the productivity-difference!

Stefan, how do you do this?

I swim 3 times a week at 6.00 AM, but this isn’t because I like it, it is the only opportunity, but it is a good example of BTD. And when I don’t have to train I wake up early and write a blog post.

Try it out

Go! Put it in practise, set your alarm early, choose what you want to do, go running, write an article or make the most beautifull origami figure! Good luck with it. I will be posting about this subject again!



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