Start being remarkableSo I was in the train last weekend. All of the sudden a girl came in my coupe, nothing special here. That girl had black hair, a fancy colored purse and a big headphone on her head. Still nothing special, just another emo-kid. But that girl had a nose ring in her nose, yes the things cow have. That girl had actually pierced her nose (yes, the septum part, not a nostril) and put a ring through it. I was thinking: ‘Well, what would be that like?’ And of course, as I most of the times think; how is that going to make you a better person and a better student. Then I got it, I understood it. The girl was being remarkable as nobody was, she was doing something everybody wonders about how that feels, she was being unique, authentic. Maybe we have to start wearing our own nose ring to become a better student?

I don’t wanna pierce my nose!
Obvious, me neither. I don’t ask you to pierce your nose. But I do ask you to take a little bit of action, to change the way you are and think. If you want to become successful, want to have a good job, what do you do? Start being normal? Not really. You need to stand out from the crowd, be unique. How do you do that? By joining a club? By getting good grades? Again, not really. When you get good grades, you become good, but you won’t become remarkable.. When you join a club, you still aren’t remarkable, you’ll just be somebody who managed to do a club besides your major, nothing new there, there have been thousands before you.

Being remarkable asks for remarkable acts. If we really want to stand out from the crowd, you need to do something what makes you stand out of the crowd. Don’t just do things other people could also do, find something in which you are already good and improve that. You are a good speaker? Develop your skills more and become a stand-up artist. You are good at school? Improve and become even better. You aren’t remarkable with A’s, you are remarkable with A+’s and extracurricular education. You are good at writing? Improve your writing and publish a book while you are in school! Being a good speaker is nice, but being a remarkable speaker is awesome. When you have been at big events as a speaker already, your potential bosses won’t ignore you. Being a A-student is cool, but being a A+ student is even better. There are more A students, but there are only a few A+ students and when you have a double major and still manage to get A’s, you are being remarkable. Writing for a school paper is great, but you are not alone, when you actually publish a book, you will get noticed!

Remarkable isn’t the same as very good. Being remarkable is the opposite of very good, it is different than everybody else, but in a way that people can only applaud you for what you do. If we want to stand out from the crowd, we don’t want to be very good, more people are very good, being remarkable is something completely different, remarkability is something which others can only dream of, which others can only try to be.

Start pursuing your goals, start being remarkable. Find what you are good at and improve that even more. You are good now, you want to become very good and eventually remarkable.

Let’s go to a piercing shop and get a nose ring, let’s start being remarkable.

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