College success starts with attitude. There is only one thing in life you have full control over: your attitude. Pay attention to your attitude and you will find that studying becomes easier and your grades will improve.

Towards the end of fall, when the weather starts to get darker and colder and college classes have turned into nightmares taught by evil demons it’s easy to let your attitude slip. Dorm room living can make the entire experience seem like you are stuck in some level of Dante’s Inferno. However don’t despair, here are some quick and easy tips you can use to beat the dorm room boarding blues.

  • Add a few funny customized ring tones to your cell phone. Many free and inexpensive ring tones are available and there is no better way to meet new people and brighten up even the dreariest day. An added bonus is that most smart phones will let you assign different ring tones for everything from notifications to calls from special people.
  • Buy a bag of mini marshmallows. Marshmallows actually have a medicinal past and they can be good for your health! Even if you don’t like hot chocolate or marshmallows it’s a sure bet some of the people on your dorm room floor will. It’s amazing how fighting over melting lumps of gelatin can instantly turn enemies into friends and brighten everyone’s mood.
  • Clean up your dorm room and get organized. No matter how many classes you have, take some time to make your dorm room clean and inviting. This is where you come to rest and recharge. If your space is horrible it will most certainly affect the quality of your rest, your attitude and your studies.
  • Along the same lines, get a warm, comfortable dorm room bedding set. All mammals make a nest when they sleep. If you are cold or uncomfortable in your dorm room bed there is no faster way to get the boarding blues.
  • Make amends with your horrible roommate or move. By now you and your roommate either like each other or you don’t. Take an honest look at the relationship and decide if it is taking a toll on your attitude. If it is, get over and talk to your resident advisor. If they can’t or won’t do anything for you, talk to the manager of the dorm. In roommate situations the squeaky wheels get to move. Living with a gargoyle who makes it impossible for you to study is absolutely not an option.
  • Use music to lighten up your mood and improve your attitude. The power of a new tune is unbeatable. Humming and singing have also been proven to improve circulation and stimulate multiple “feel good” centers in the brain. Music and radio are fantastic because they free up your hands and body to do something else. For students who spend so much time sitting and studying movement is critical for maintaining a healthy body and spirit.

Depression among young adults isn’t funny. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young adults ages 15-24. Take care of your attitude because this is your most valuable possession. Feeling glum this time of year if you live in dorm is pretty normal. Lets face it the rooms are pretty small and uncomfortable and the food is usually less than divine. However, with a good attitude you can make almost anything fun- or at least funny!



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