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Stefan Knapen is the founder and big boss of As a 24 year old med student he is trying to become more productive, more successful and more awesome overall in life. Stefan loves coffee, but tea as well. He is currently busy building niche sites and start to create a full-time passive (student) income on the internet!

Build an Interesting Personality: Stack Up Your Identity Capital

Building a sellable personality as a college student can be frightening. Once you enter college you only have 4-6 years left to get some sort of degree, to show off ‘who you are.’ On the other side we also have to work on extracurricular activities in order to develop yourself as an individual.

Understanding key […]

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StudySuccessful Interviews – First Episode: Julius Glauche

People following the StudySuccessful Facebook Page received some teasers already. I was working on something.

In my life I talk with a lot of people, lot of friends of course, but I also meet a lot of new people. Most of these people have an interesting story to tell. A couple of those interesting stories […]

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5 Helpful Apps For College Students

Technology has taken over college classrooms, and in many people’s eyes, it’s becoming something of a distraction. After all, it’s certainly not uncommon to walk into a college lecture hall and see students with there laptops open checking their Facebook accounts instead of taking notes! But the other side of the issue is that […]

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Is Cramming Better Than No Studying at All?

It happens to all of us, no matter at what age or stage of life. We have not studied for  a test or exam for some or other reason and we try  and cram a few months or week’s worth of studying into one day, or even a couple of hours. Cramming is never […]

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Kickstart Your Team Project with the McDonalds Theory

Group projects are part of everyday life for every college student. The groups can be big, the groups can be small, but the group projects will always be there.

With group projects comes group dynamics. An interesting aspect if you ask me. In the beginning everybody is a little shy, while at the end of […]

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How to Address and Talk about College Student Addiction

This is a guest post by Sam.

It’s easy for a college student to become swept up in drugs and alcohol. According to Addiction Answers, about 40 percent of college students report binge drinking. Addiction to illicit drugs jumps up around grade 12 to a whopping 44 percent. College students are sometimes known for abusing […]

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