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Time for College! Now What?

Many graduates refer to their time in college the best time of their lives. There are, however, certain steps future students must take to ensure that they are ready. Here are a few things to keep in mind before classes start:
What major? 
Choosing a major is an important consideration. Finding something you love to do […]

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Order Your Thoughts with Mind Maps

This is a guest post by Jabe from MindMaple.

As a college student, my lack of organization skills was often an obstacle to my success. I am a creative thinker, but if I let my creativity run wild it can become as much a problem as it is a benefit. When generating ideas for an essay […]

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Beating the Dorm Room Boarding Blues

College success starts with attitude. There is only one thing in life you have full control over: your attitude. Pay attention to your attitude and you will find that studying becomes easier and your grades will improve.

Towards the end of fall, when the weather starts to get darker and colder and college classes have […]

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The Best Music for Writing, Reading, and Studying

This is a guest post by the writing team of BusinessInsuance, if you would like to feature a guest post send me an email!

I know. Not everyone prefers listening to music while studying or reading or writing or creating art or whatever. But I think most of us can agree that it’s nice to […]

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