As the end of term draws nearer and nearer, students begin to initiate panic-mode. The dreaded deadlines that you have been attempting to ignore by pushing them to the back of your mind have started popping their heads back out from under the cracks. Besides the stress of completing your final semester projects and work papers, exams have shifted into fifth gear and are hurtling towards you faster than the little kid from ‘The Incredibles’. Before you know it, your social life has left the building and your weekends are filled with the tiresome grinding through page after page in your campus library. Throughout history, finals have always turned stress levels into a code red situation. Although, luckily, with the help of current technology (in the form of smart devices and their applications), studying no longer has to become a total meltdown situation. Take a look at these two apps that should help make studying less of a nightmare.


Gone are the days where you felt like you needed a donkey cart in order to carry your unbelievably heavy backpack around. Even carrying around a laptop has become quite unnecessary, especially when everything you need is in your pocket. Evernote is a great app that helps you easily organise and access all your study material. You can type notes out during class, scan and store documents and even record lectures. You’re probably thinking that most smartphones have these functions already, although Evernote makes it possible to sync all the information to your other devices, making it possible to access it anywhere. The great search feature allows you to scan for keywords through all the files, making studying seem less like you’re gambling blindly on and more like you’re taking a stroll through a perfectly organised library.

Study Checker

Do you ever feel like you suffer from a case of ‘Study ADD’ or that if procrastinating was an Olympic sport, you would definitely win gold, if you ever actually got around to taking part? We’ve all experienced this uphill battle when it comes to actually sitting down and getting stuck into those books. It is amazing how the most mundane things, like watching a large leaf float around in the pool outside your window, can become one of the most exciting activities you’ve ever experienced when you have a boring textbook in front of you. Study Checker fills the role of Big Brother or the ever-watching parent, keeping track of how much time you actually spend studying. This app is a great way to monitor and set goals for yourself, bringing some structure to your studies.

By Jason : Jason is a young journalist who enjoys writing on topics such as technology, gaming, sport, finance and news. He is best known for his comedic approach to writing.



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