Do you need to finish a paper this week? A paper requires a lot of research and writing. And what is writing without creativity, even scientific writing needs creativity, you need to find new words, new ways to say things. But getting creative is hard and asks a lot of practise? Or, doesn’t it?

Write a story
If you need to be creative for a longer time, let’s say a week, there may be a solution. When you want to finish a paper by the end of the week, you need a week full of writing, so a week full of creativity. Start to get creative by writing a little story.

The story doesn’t have to be long, they don’t have to be complex. I would advice a story which is only around thousand words. That is like one piece of paper. Write the story, get inspiring thoughts, find ways to change the plot. With the creativity you need for only this short stories, you’ll get in the flow, you get in the mood and mind set to be creative. The story forces you to be creative, creativity you can use the rest of the week.

Start here
I will give you a handle at which you can start. I’ll write the first 50 words of the story, you can write the rest of it.

Marcel was going back to his parents’ for Thanksgiving. As he packed all his stuff, he was talking to his roommate. This roommate told the story of how he lost his parents again. Marcel had a strange feeling with going to his parents’ when he knew his roommate didn’t have parents anymore, so he decided to invite his roommate to his house. His roommate agreed and started packing. ‘Was this the right thing to do?’ was a question that kept Marcel busy for the rest of the evening, as his parents probably wouldn’t like his roommate because..

Well, this story could become anything. And I am wondering what you make out of it. So please, write the rest of the story for me, paste it in the comments and start on your paper!

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