What if you are facing a final. What if you need to ACE the upcoming test. What if you need to make the upcoming test so amazingly good that you are scared of it. You need to make this test as good as you’ve never made a test before. Pretty scare right? You will need a completely different type of focus. This isn’t high school studying where you study for 3 evenings in a row. This is college-mayhem. You need to be a machine the upcoming weeks. Let’s just do so.

Olympic athletes can do it – why can’t you?

If you look at the really crazy olympic athletes, for instance Michael Phelps. They train an absurd amount of hours in order to become as good as they are. What if you trained for every day except the first day of Christmas? You will be (of course) awesome at what you do. Get that mentality for the upcoming weeks. Get in the state of mind that you don’t want to do anything aside from studying.

You will need a coach – Probably yourself

In order to become that awesome you will need a coach. Someone who keeps saying you need to train more and harder. This coach can’t be anybody outside of yourself. You will need to do this, you will be the one who gets you through this process. So get a couple of clear goals for yourself. Set goals, make a plan. I explained this extensivly in my Successful Students’ Motivational Course on day 1 (fill in your email address on the side to get this course for free in your inbox!). Setting goals is probably one of the most important steps in this process.

Than, the coaching itself. In one way or the other you will need to bring up the motivation, over and over again. You will need to be the one who pushes you just through another half an hour. You will be the one who says that this isn’t ‘enough’. Can you ace the test yet? No? That means not enough.

You cannot be good to yourself, because you are the one who is going to ace the test. You cannot let yourself slip off for a little while, because you are the one to blame if you screw up the test.

Get in the olympic mood, work hard, work harder and ace the test

I’m not sure if I have anything to add to this sentence. Read Phelps’ biography¬†‘Under the Surface’ and you will find out what it takes to become an Olympic champion. Just imagine, if you did half of all the work he did, what will this do to your results? What will you accomplish? Of what will you be capable doing. Imagine what happens when you work as hard as an Olympic champion.

Now. Stop imagining. Just do it. Become an Olympic champion, in whatever you are doing. Good luck.

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