I am going to try a new thing here. I am not going to try it alone. I have Archan with me. Archan wrote a poem. Not just a romantic poem, it’s a motivational poem. That is why I am going to post him here! Hope you like it.
Eat good
‘Move Forward
Take it one step at a time
It will provide momentum
And you will feel sublime.

Move Forward
Hey, what can go wrong?
Try to sing a song
Aim for a journey which is long.

Move Forward
De-clutter your life
What do you want to achieve?
Nothing is out of your reach.

Move Forward
Never let fear hold you back
You don’t lack
So get back on track.

Move Forward
Stop rushing around
By running helter-skelter
Instead, mail that employment letter.

Move Forward
Why be a slave from 9 to5?
Start your own business
And don’t be shy.

Move Forward
Take an evening class
And earn an MBA
To keep the cobwebs at bay.

Move Forward
What have you got to lose?
Go swimming every day
And look like Tom Cruise.

Move Forward
It’s okay if you fail
Pick yourself up
Don’t ever feel like you’re stuck.

Move Forward
It’s okay not to arrive
Take a detour and find
Values you left behind.

Move Forward
Instead of aping others
Follow your gut
and stay away from the rut.’

Archan Mehta is a freelance writer and can be contacted at archanm@hotmail.com. Archan is going to write more for StudySuccessful, would you like to write for StudySuccessful also sometimes? Contact me, via the contact page.



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