I am a big fan of Reddit since a couple of months now. I know, pretty late. Yes, I confess, I was a 9gag person at first, but that started to bore me and then Reddit crossed my path. When I started with Reddit I asked a friend (who was a redditor by then) what I should do. He said ‘just click’. Sure. I was sold.

Now, as it is summer holiday here in the Netherlands as well, I have a little bit more time to browse Reddit. The community there is amazing and really funny as well. When you figured out how it works it is just as good as it gets, especially because there are so many people on there. And all of them are somewhat clever with the computer – my kind of people.

How to use Reddit

First of all, let me explain a little bit what Reddit is and how it works. First of all, Reddit is the home to many subreddits, which you can reach by typing /r/subredditname after the reddit.com. For instance, if you want to see all the funny meme pictures (not the ragefaces) you should go to /r/adviceanimals.

One of the first things you want to do, which my sister who is 6 years younger than I am explained to me, is to install the ‘Reddit Enhancement Suite‘ extension in your browser. This will show pictures more easily, just as text is shown easily right now.

Second, make an account. Don’t be the lurker who just reads, but try to add something to the conversation. I comment a lot and don’t post very much (yet?). This list will probably be posted to Reddit.

Third. Just click. The advice my friend gave to me was the best advice I got about Reddit. Just click and find subreddits you like. Keep hitting ‘random subreddit’ until you found five subreddits which interest you.

Another thing is that there are subreddits for everything. My girlfriend is fond of rabbits, so I said: just go to /r/rabbits, it’s probably there. And guess what – it was. I made a custom search in the Alfred App to search for subreddits fast. The default name of a subreddit is ‘reddit.com/r/subredditname’.

7 Subreddits Every College Student Should Read

As said, a lot of different subreddits. I follow a bunch of different shows and there are reddits for them. See /r/gameofthrones for instance. But what subreddits should a college student read every now and then? My suggestions:

  1. /r/college. Obviously. This is a subreddit about everything around college and in these months it is filled with freshman with questions. Very interesting though and you might learn something from it as well. Lot of discussion going on there, and funny pics as well.
  2. /r/lifeprotips. This was one of the first subreddits I fell in love with. All kind of tips to make your life a hell of a lot easier. For instance, tips on shopping on Amazon. Another one like it would be /r/lifehacks. I find a lot of the solutions posted in these subreddits really apply to college students, as they are cheap and they use household products most of the time.
  3. /r/productivity. My kind of subreddit. Reading about productivity, how is that for productivity. Would recommend to go here not to often, just do it! As students we are still in the childhood of our professional life. I think it is a great habit to pick up productivity tricks (like reading email only four times a day) early on, so we won’t have to change later on in life (when it will be harder to adapt). You can find a lot of these productivity tricks in this subreddit.
  4. /r/zenhabits. More in the category ‘self-help’. I love to read about personal development and this is the go-to reddit for this subject. Self improvement is very important for a college student. The past three years have been, probably, been the most three important years in my life when it comes to developing myself as a person. A lot of it I can thank personal development for.
  5. /r/todayIlearned. A lot of bullcrap to learn here. But hey, you need to have some topics to discuss when you are on a party right? Things like /r/space are suitable for that goal as well.
  6. /r/howto. Just some basic stuff you can learn here. Basic skills, skills you don’t think you need anywhere in the near future, but you will!
  7. /r/yourmajorname! As I am in med school I go to /r/medicine. Just stories, basic information and stuff you won’t read in the textbooks. Look for a subreddit in your field and you will learn more than your classmates, for sure.

This is my, incomplete, list of subreddits for college students. I want more of these, if you have subreddits which are particularly interesting for students, share it in the comments. You can share them on Reddit as well, if you want! 😉



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