Smiling and laughing a lot makes you appreciated by a lot of people, right? No. It shows that you want to please everybody. So yes, it does, but it also shows that you are weak. That you need other people their opinion in order to be someone really. In this post I will explain a little bit more about body language in general.

Body language – the importance

Around 93% of communication effectiviness is determined by non-verbal cues. If 93% of your conversations is being dominated by your body, you might want to take control of it, in order to make it transfer the same message you want to transfer with your words.

For example. You can tell somebody you hate him, while you are smiling. It actually looks like you are telling someone that you love him and he will need to think about it first before he understand that what you are saying isn’t that nice at all!

Another point. If you are trying to convince a group of people, because you think you have a legimimate point and you are biting on your nails, shuffleing with your feet, you won’t make a good figure. They won’t take you serious and neither would they take your point serious.

Practise your body language!

In the following piece I will learn you a couple of tricks about body language. But you need to practise this. At home or in a public place, either way, just trying is the best thing you can do. For instace, eye contact is one of the most important factors if you are trying to talk to somebody, but if you aren’t used to eye contact, it can be really hard. So get out of your house! When you are walking at Wall Mart, look EVERYBODY in their eyes. Practise, practise! Just train yourself in makeing eye contact. Just the couple of seconds are enough to make yourself less uncomfortable. Train this and it will help you in the future, yes, this is a promise!

7 quick tips in body language

  1. Your head movements. When you are just standing, does your head move a lot? Do you keep your head oblique? Keep your head still. It will give you an authoritarian look.
  2. Control your eyebrows. Putting your eyebrows in the air shows that you are amazed – or shows that you didn’t understand the point he just explained. Keeping them down shows frustration. Keep them neutral and you will look neutral.
  3. Take your time. Don’t look on your watch when you are in a conversation. It either shows you aren’t interested or that you are in a hurry. Either way not good. Just take your time for the conversation, or at least – make it look like you take your time for the other one. It will increase the quality of your conversation and the quality of the image other people have of you!
  4. Stay stable. Don’t switch legs every time, stay stable on one place. The way you stands represents the way you are mental state: Are you stable or not? Doesn’t matter. Make it look like you are stable.
  5. Eye contact. Look the other person in the eye. Is there a lot to explain here? It is all about focus, attention for the other person. Look straight in to somebody’s eyes, look so straight in their eyes that it looks like you are looking straight into somebody’s soul. Bill Clinton used to enchant people like that, read this interesting article on his eyes.
  6. Claim your space. If you sit with crossed legs, you don’t have an open posture, you will look nervous, scary. Just claim your space. Stretch your arms, sit with your legs opened up. Make yourself a little vurenable and you will look certain of yourself.
  7. Don’t smile. As explained above, laughing will make you look like you are just in there to please whoever you are talking to. Don’t. Look serious and you will look like you can take the situation.

Concluding thoughts

I didn’t came up with the list above. And to be honest, I didn’t knew about a couple of them. I use my eyebrows a lot, as I use laughing a lot. But since I’ve practised in the points mentioned above, I feel more confident. And the thing is, when you feel confident, you look confident. And that is exactly what we are trying to reach over here.

Take this into practise, you will love yourself for it later. Good luck!

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