Technology has taken over college classrooms, and in many people’s eyes, it’s becoming something of a distraction. After all, it’s certainly not uncommon to walk into a college lecture hall and see students with there laptops open checking their Facebook accounts instead of taking notes! But the other side of the issue is that new technologies are also providing students with fantastic tools for studying and working efficiently. Specifically, there is a whole range of electronic apps for mobile phones and smart tablets geared toward college students. Here are 5 in particular that can be helpful.

1. iStudiezPro

This is the go-to app for a digital planner, which can be enormously helpful for busy college students. With iStudiezPro, you can easily keep track of your classes, homework assignments and deadlines, with the option of receiving automatic reminders when necessary. With the workload and general busy atmosphere in college, students often have a hard time keeping up with basic deadlines, and this app helps lessen the burden.

2. Flashcards+

There are a number of flashcard apps for mobile devices, but many prefer Flashcards+ because it’s free of annoying advertisements. Basically, it works the same way as ordinary flashcards that you’d write on notecards, except that you can also download and share existing decks. Additionally, it’s easy to track your progress, as you can tab the cards you know and focus on those you still need to learn.

3. ShareFile

This is a bit more advanced, but also incredibly helpful for students who like the idea of benefitting from advanced file sharing and cloud computing. ShareFile provides means of sending large files, and opens up cloud storage options, which can help students to become far more efficient and flexible with their work habits. Additionally, storing files in a ShareFile cloud can be smart for purposes of backup – if a student saves a paper or project to the cloud, that file will remain safe even if something happens to the student’s computer or mobile phone.

4. iTunes U

This is a pretty incredible app that, in the right situation, can be very useful. Basically, iTunesU gives you access to notes and class materials from courses at top universities all over the world. Of course, your own course material is most important, but whether you use iTunesU for extra research or clarification of a particular subject, it can come in handy.

5. Chegg

This is less about academic performance and more about finances! Chegg is a tool that allows you to search for and rent textbooks (for a single semester or for an entire year), instead of buying them for the usual high prices. Chegg also offers free shipping when it comes time for you to return your books at the end of a term.



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