Half a year ago, I didn’t know what blogging was at all, I knew the word, I heard once about the ‘blogosphere’ and that was it. Until I started blogging myself. I discovered some great study blogs, which really motivate me in finding new ways of studying and they helped me improving my studying.

  • Study Hacks by Cal Newport. An authority blog in the study niche. Cal goes really deep in several subjects, the greatest recommendation.
  • Zen College Life. ZCL is about different subject which all appeals to the student. About studying, about personal fitness and money issues. Different from Study Hacks because it has several contributors.
  • Studenthacks. Sounds like study hacks, but it is another blog. It contains a few interviews with successful students. An interesting read!
  • Jessica’s journal. A personal like blog, but it does contain some tips, presented as personal experience. I really adapted some great things Jessica was showing on her blog!
  • Surviving College Life. Another completely different college blog. It contains everything a college student should know. About where you should get your food and which pet you must have (called Dorm Zen)! Great site!

These are sites I know now. I am looking for more sites related to study, post them in the comments!



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