Life is about developing yourself, which includes several skills. Here is a list of which skills you have to learn, and why!

  • Speedreading. You don’t have time to read every book that is ever written, you don’t have time to read even a fraction of all the written books. But if you are able to speed read, you can read a lot more books, which means more knowledge and satisfaction!
  • Speaking another language. You only speak English? Of course, almost everyone speaks English, but the non-American/English people speak another language besides that. I speak Dutch and English, perhaps you should learn another language too, because it’s handy and because it’s cool!
  • Walking on your hands. I didn’t come up with this one, a friend of mine said it. ‘So if I lose my legs, I’ll still be able to do something.’ Does that need more explanation?
  • How to tie your shoelace FAST. Ah, how long takes it to tie your shoelaces? 7 sec each, every day twice? That is 28 seconds a day. That is 10220 seconds in a year, 204400 seconds in 20 year. So you spend 3407 minutes in 20 year with tying your shoelaces, that should go faster right? I mean, that is 60 hours, that is like reading 3 books. Here is how to tie your shoelaces, fast: How to tie your shoelaces fast. Now tying your shoelaces takes only 4 seconds each. That is only 32 hours in 20 year! So you just made 28 hours in 20 year, that is almost a complete day, you’re welcome!

Those are my four for now, I will come with an update sometime, anyone have any skills I should add to this list? Post it in the comments!



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