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You’ve probably seen it, British Petroleum has done something wrong. A big oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil everywhere and one big mess. The US is really mad at the company and the company is not really solving the problem. A lot of problems. And when there are a lot of problems, there are a lot of lessons. Here are the lessons we can learn as students.

Admit your mistake. BP waited a long time before they admitted they were wrong. When you immediatly say you are wrong, people will sympathize with you. Admit your mistake, take full responsibility, and it will pay. Having to defend yourself over and over again when you made a mistake isn’t going to bring you any further. Admit your mistake.

Have a worst-case-scenario-plan. Takes a long time before BP is getting somewhere with their solutions. When you have a worst-case-scenario-plan, you will be able to get instant action and limit the catastrophe.

Making a mistake hurts. This oil leak is going to cost BP a shit-load of money. Making mistakes hurt big time, but there is nothing you can do about it. We are all humans and we make all mistakes. There is always a price to pay, which is high sometimes, low sometimes, it will always be a price you need to pay.

You can learn a lot from mistakes. When you are paying for your mistakes, better learn something from it. Evaluate what you did wrong and what you did right. And what can go better next time? There will be lessons in your mistake. Make sure you will learn them. Write them down, evaluate your mistakes.

BP brings us a lot of problems, but they may bring us some lessons also, what did you learn?

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