Last year, I wrote a little post on what to do after the exams. Pretty good list and you should really do a couple of things I described over there. Start a college blog and share it with me, I want to help you, always! Anyway, I found a couple of other things very useful to do this summer!

4 awesome things you can do this summer

  1. Become an entrepreneur. Now is the time to start. Entrepreneuring is a cool thing to do and we are way too scared as students to start our own company. Not satisfied with what you boss at your side job is doing? Deliver the service yourself! For instance, when you are giving additional lessons to a couple of high school students, and you are having a contract, you will pay a lot of money to your boss, without having a reason to, just start for you own! Give the lessons from your own company and you get to keep all the money!
  2. Become an intern somewhere! I don’t often recommend this, as you can get cool jobs which are payed also according to me. But with this economy, not a lot of people are hiring. But interning, that is something they can’t refuse! Become an intern for a couple of weeks and learn your ass off!
  3. Get into the internet. The internet was huge, but it is getting even more huge. If you want to enter, now is the time. Spend this summer learning about all the possibilities internet has. Learn about social media, SEO, blogging and internet marketing. Learn how to use a computer and especially the internet, you will love it the rest of the year.
  4. Live your dream. Now is the time. We have endless possibilities as young people right now. The internet gives us instant contact to everybody you want to contact. Interact with people, get things done and follow your dream. Awesomeness is awaiting.



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