Quick post! As you know I don’t like to offer things in my blog posts, but this is definitly an offer you can’t refuse..

Only 17 hours left for probably the best Personal Development Deal you can get on the internet. Why I’m only letting you know this now? Because me as well only heard from it just now! But I do want to let you know!

Adam Baker (from ManvsDebt.com) has organised with 23 of the biggest personal development bloggers out there to create a one-time (so only 72 hours) deal for the best personal development products out there.

So Stefan.. What is so special?

What is so special is that the products separately add up to over 1000$ in total. Now (again, only 17 hours left) you can get this cool package for only $97!(!!!)

Let me pick some highlights!

  • The Language Hacking Guide (normally $67) – I actually helped Benny Lewis translating this to Dutch and last month I had the chance to meet the guy! This book is amazing for everybody who wants to learn a new language!
  • Learn More, Study Less by Scott H Young (normally $67) Amazing book by Scott, talked about it a lot on this website. Great resource for everybody who is interested in learning new ways to study!
  • Focus by Leo Babauta (normally 35$) – Great read by Leo Babauta including a ’email fast guide’, ‘decluttering quickstart guide’ and a guide to changing habits!

There it is, 3 big recommendations already piling up to $169 already! Three books you have to have read. Now way cheaper and with a lot more books in the package as well.

Being honest. Not buying this would be stupid. This will be the best investment in yourself you will make this summer! It contains happiness, sleep, financial success and much more..

Check it out now!



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