Being a student is a 24/7 job, with only a fraction of that time actually spent in the classroom. After class comes the real work – reading assignments, massive research papers, group projects, and whatever else your teachers devise. Throw in a job, extracurriculars, and much-needed time with family and friends, and finding time to do your work and do it well can be the greatest challenge of all. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources out there for students with iPhones to help keep school at the top of your priorities wherever you are. Get organized, create and use study aids, do research, and even save money on costly books and supplies all through your cell phone using these choice apps.

  1. iStudiez Pro: iStudiez is THE organization app for iPhone. Keep track of all your classes and assignments in a beautiful color-coded interface, and get alerts before big assignments are due so you never (accidentally) leave them to the last minute again.
  2. New Oxford American Dictionary: Have the complete New Oxford dictionary on your iPhone, with over 250,000 entries and 60,000 audio pronunciations. At $29.99, it’s pricey – but still over 50% off the cover price of a hard-cover book, and all the entries are stored on your phone and do not require a wireless connection so it can truly be used anywhere.
  3. Convert ~ the unit calculator: Convert is the most complete, easy-to-use unit converter available for iPhone. With a built-in calculator (no switching apps necessary), up-to-date currency converter, and unit conversions for everything including geometry, typography, and cooking, Convert is a must for everybody, not just students.
  4. Cram: This popular app allows you to create flash cards and multiple-choice tests to study for your next big test, including the PSAT, SAT, and GRE. Cram has a database of practice tests and users may also share their study aids with friends in need.
  5. Wikipedia Mobile: Anyone who has ever had to write a research paper has at some point come to the realization that Wikipedia is a student’s best friend. Now that friend can be with you at all times with the official Wikipedia app for iPhone. Just like the online encyclopedia, the app’s code is 100% open source and community built.
  6. PI83 Graphing Calculator: Forget bulky, expensive graphing calculators; get one for your iPhone for just $0.99 that can do everything your TI83 can. And teachers – the app has a timestamp for screenshots to show if students left the app to look up answers.
  7. FlashCards: Only the iPhone could take a study favorite and make it better. Create your own flash cards and put whatever you want on them, including pictures and audio, and use them on the bus, in the gym, or wherever you have a free second to study.
  8. Math Pro: Math Pro covers everything from Algebra to Calculus and includes 6 apps for the price of 2. Featuring a ton of solvers and tutorials that are regularly updated.
  9. EZ Read: It’s Sparknotes for your iPhone. EZ Read allows you to use all of’s features on your cell phone, including quizzes and study sections. Now every math major dreading their required English class can read Moby Dick on the 2-minute walk to class.
  10. NY Times: Stay up-to-date on current events with the New York Times app for iPhone. Readers can get everything the print version offers for free – no subscription required. With an intuitive and clear interface, great content, and the ability to favorite articles for later reviewing, this is one of the best apps available period.
  11. iQuotations: Instantly look up the perfect quote for your next essay using iQuotations. Make sure to subscribe to the quote of the day for a little something to ponder or just some much-needed inspiration.
  12. Blackboard: Is Blackboard used in your classroom? Then access new assignments, class discussions, course content, and even grades straight from your iPhone.
  13. Big Words: Not sure if you’re getting the best deals from your school’s book store? Hop on your iPhone for the Big Words app, which will connect you with all the best deals on new and used textbooks from a multitude of buyers and sellers online.
  14. Art Lite: For art students or people who just want to learn more about the great works, Art is without a doubt the best option for the iPhone. The free version features 10 famous artists with full biographies and over 700 pictures to save and share with friends, and quizzes to help memorize for your midterm. The full version includes 200+ artists and over 6000 pictures.
  15. Pizza!: Spend less time figuring out where to get your next meal and more time studying with the Pizza! app. Use the GPS to find the nearest establishment and read reviews from other purveyors of the college student’s staple food.

Joseph Gustav is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog.



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