As I’ve mentioned in the post about guilt, I wanted your way to get motivated in my ebook! Well, I have gathered a lot of tips, which are included in the ebook ‘Nine ways to get motivated for college‘ which you can download for free! Here are the tips so far!
  • Alex: @VraagAlex: Focus on your goal and stay focused, celebrate every success! That’s how I stay motivated!
  • @Paul_Arnhem: Follow your heart. Lot of contacts with friends. Visit inspiring cities. As an entrepreneur: Feel, do, think.
  • @Skipski: Music! I’ve got an ‘energylist’ in iTunes with songs that inspire and motivate me!
  • Martin: Daunting is exciting. Everyone should be a bit afraid and out of their comfort zone no matter how prepared. Don’t be put off by the new, embrace it!
  • Niels Gouman: Depending on what I need to be motivated for one of these usually does the trick: YouTube1, Youtube2 and YouTube3.
  • Sandra Müller: I don’t like to be tired in college, so I make sure I have enough sleep. Without the right amount of sleep, I just feel tired and it is hard to concentrate. So get enough sleep, or get some coffee!
  • @vtamethodman: Go learn a new language; here is a great guide to get you started:
  • Scott H Young: Set yourself a habit. Most people overestimate how much work their motivation can do, and underestimate the power of routine. Keeping a consistent study schedule or approach usually beats marathon cram sessions.
  • Nate Desmond: Have a fun task planned that you cannot do until you complete the less enjoyable project.
  • Ibrahim Husain: Know your goal, and the reason you chose it, and you’ll find your greatest source of motivation.
  • David Pierce: Do no more that you have to than you have to, and do everything you want to. The balance is easier to find than you think.
  • Ajay Shrikanth: Learn to love what you do. If you enjoy the process of doing, there is never going to be a problem with motivation as you will enjoy the work!
  • Thom Bongaerts: Listing music also gets you motivated. This is actually one of my own favorites: YouTube. Make sure you understand the lyrics; it’s a lesson for live!!
  • Bianca Grimmius: Lecture is second priority, the first priority is of course seeing your friends and getting that awesome book out of the library!

Do you have an interesting way to get motivated? Would you like to be included in ‘Nine ways to get motivated for college‘? I’ll put your way in the ebook and everybody who downloads the ebook from that point will see your way to get motivated for college! Post them here in the comments or send me an email!

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