One of the best ways to study successfully is to really like living in your dorm room. Buying coordinated college bedding from a good supplier is one of the easiest ways to make your dorm room comfortable quickly and cheaply. Here are 12 fun do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to make your space comfortable for very little money.

1. Build Your Own Beanbag Chair

Rather than paying a fortune for a pre-made beanbag chair, have fun building your own. Beanbag chairs can be round, square, banana shaped or stitched together in the center like a Turkish pillow. Get creative and have fun. For the sack you will want to use two different layers of material to keep the stuffing in the chair. In a pinch a large garbage bag can be used for the inside bag. Cheap material or coffee bean sacks also make great inner liners. The outer bag can be made from old sweatshirts, old sheets or draperies or bits and pieces of fabric. Even an old prom dress from a thrift store can work as the outer shell. A zipper or buttons can be added but this is not really necessary.

The inside stuffing can be made from anything. Perfectly round little pellets can be purchased in bulk online but Styrofoam packing pellets, left over plastic grocery store bags and crinkled up bits of paper can be used as well.

2. Peg Board Storage and Wall Art

Simple pegs placed on a board make this a cool form of storage and a great addition to any dorm room. Cut the peg holes with an electric drill onto ½-inch plywood. Adhere the pegs with glue and then paint.

3. Jam Jar Candle Lights

This idea comes from It uses old jam jars of any shape, a can of spay fixative and some bits of old garden twine or lace to make enchanting lanterns. Fit the lace and twine around the jar in a trial run before spraying the jars and adhering the lace. Add a votive candle inside and presto: romantic lighting!

4. DIY Privacy Screen for College

Nothing comes in handier than a good privacy screen at college. Made out of either wood or fabric these can be the difference between content dorm room living and living hell. Fresh Home Ideas has step-by-step instructions for making a cutout privacy screen using a jig saw. Three pieces of ½ inch plywood are cut into sections 2-3 feet wide by 6-8 feet tall. Buy a can of primer and 3 non-mortise style hinges. Prime the boards and paint them with either spray paint or acrylic paint. Art papers also make a great finish. These can be applied with spray glue and then covered with shellac for a shiny durable finish. Attach together with the hinges. When not in use fold the screen away and store it against the wall or under the bed.

5. Student Skateboard Laundry Basket

Buy a plastic laundry basket with holes. Then attach it to your skateboard with bungee cords when needed to get the laundry down the hall.

6. Festive College Cheer In a Wine Bottle

Trying to think of something easier and cheaper than a small tree for the holidays? has a great idea. How about a wine bottle light show? Simply take a string of Christmas lights and push them into several green wine bottles. You can glue the bottles together first to make it easier. Then put the corks back in and turn on the display!


7. DIY Folding Chairs for College

Every dorm room needs an extra chair. Take these light chairs to a game, a party down the hall or anywhere you need an extra comfortable seat. This idea is from Shelly over at Shelly takes old bits of fabric, a pair of wooden chairs and some foam to create amazing chairs for about $20.00 each. The foam is held onto the chair with a staple gun and an inner piece of fabric. The outer fabric and trim is secured using a glue gun. Simple tools like these can be found cheaply online from

8. Recycled Collegiate T-shirt Cushions

Made out of old t-shirts these cushions are an easy way to acquire dorm room décor and relieve stress. Simply cut t-shirts into strips and weave away. The entire tutorial is available from Dani Cakes.


9. Dorm Room DIY PVC Tube Stacker Shelf

Making a DIY tube stacker shelf is one of the easiest DIY projects around. These can be used for holding everything from shoes to electronics. Start at a home improvement center with a long piece of large 6-inch white PVC plumbing pipe. Buy the cheapest grade because it will be easier to cut. Also buy a small bottle of all-in-one PVC pipe cement and a hacksaw. Cut the pipe into sections and glue them together into any shape that fits your needs and space. You can even hang these on the wall depending on how deep you make the “shelves” and how securely you attach them to the wall.

10. Tree Branch Headboard

Collect some old branches. Then clean and lightly sand them. Using a drill attach them up in a row against a flat 6-inch board. Use another board on the bottom to secure the branches. Screw the entire thing to the wall and push the bed up against it.

11. Binder Clip Organization for Electronic Cords, etc.

binder clips are excellent for more than just holding papers together. They can be used to hold together plastic crates for shelving or make cell phone stands. Binder clips can even be turned into sculpture in a pinch. The binder clip is a college student must have! By the way, they are close to free on Amazon.

12. Curtains for any Dorm Room

Making curtains is a breeze and they add character and warmth to any room. Improvise by mixing and matching left over curtains found at bargain stores. Sewing sheer curtains on top and heavier material at the bottom provides privacy while still letting light into the room.



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