The hundredth post on StudySuccessful, this is it. When I was starting in may 2009, I didn’t thought I would make it to 100 posts, I was brainstorming ideas and I didn’t got any further than 20 I think. But it didn’t stopped by 20 posts, StudySuccessful continued. And now here we are, 100 posts! Awesomeness all over the place! And for this memorable day, I made something special, my very first ebook.

The ebook is called: Nine ways to get motivated for college

It is about how to get motivated for college and how to keep motivated. I will discuss:

  • Sleep; the importance of sleep
  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose
  • Fresh air
  • The Power of a shower
  • Superman breakfast
  • Enjoy
  • Your tip; This one is special. I gather ways to get motivated from everybody I talk to, so if you have a tip, share it here in the comments and I will put you in it (with link), so you are featured in an ebook!

The ebook is a little guide to get motivated for college. This ebook doesn’t contain the ordinary tips, but it asks you to think a little bit out of the box and it requires you to think about different types of motivation. With this ebook, you are one step further in your journey to conquer the game called college!

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Improve your motivation and get easier in colleges like the Devry University.



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